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We publish the presentation of a European conference on the rights of victime

On 9th of June 2014 the International Conference „Improving protectionof victims’ rights: access to legal aid” took place. The Conference was held at facilities of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and was a final activity of the project „Improving protection of victims’ rights: access to legal aid”, co – financed by European Commission, which addresses the priority  “Supporting victims of crime (VICS)”. Partners of the project were: Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (Poland) – the Leader, Sabiedriskas Politicas Centrs PROVIDUS (Latvia), Center for the Study of Democracy (Bulgaria) and Consorzio Interuniversitario per la Formazione (Italy). Read more »

The Italian  Association Bambinisenzasbarre promotes networking with European Eurochips the First Petition to the European Parliament for the children of imprisoned parents to sign online and extend the network. The collection of signatures is the initiative of the third edition of the European Information Campaign “Prisons open. Let’s talk “with the support of the Ministry of Justice. It lasts the entire month of June and expects the prisons of the country open to children with festivals, performances, workshops and exhibitions.

Thanks for the dissemination and support that you give to the initiative. For any further information we send cordial greetings.

  Rosa Maria Rota

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 Abuse of old people[i]  has only recently been recognised as a global problem. The INPEA work with propaganda/sensitisation and the importance accorded by the World Health Organisation to  prevention of abuse on old people  have contributed significantly in raising awareness world-wide.  The academic institutions all over the world have substantially contributed to improving understanding and awareness of the problem and have increased knowledge of it developing methodological instruments for its study. Inspite of all this, there is still a lot to be done*. Read more »

 The term stalking has only recently been introduced in criminology and is intended as a series of reiterated, intrusive and molest behaviours which occur in a conflictual relationship, or, more frequently, that are perpetrated by an ex consort/partner as a result of a divorce or separation[i].

It indicates a proper form of persecution which extends itself in time with the aim of making its victim feel constantly controlled and persistently in peril. Read more »

The first SOS telephone line in Croatia for victims of domestic violence against women and children was created in 1990 in Zagreb where, later in June, 1992, the first home-shelter for victims of domestic violence was opened. In 1996,  many people sensitive to this problem which, until then had never been faced seriously, started to meet and study it together, discussing way to resolve it or at least give it new dimensions. In fact, it is no longer possible to restrict ourselves to police intervention which, when called in to calm down serious arguing, tried to calm the husband and advised the wife to be more tolerant, otherwise both  would have been denounced for disturbing the public peace. [i] Read more »

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Website promoted by Associazione Laboratorio Salute Sociale for the promotion of knowledge and activities for victims support. The magazine ENVIS victim Support derives from over 5 years of collaboration with associations, bodies and universities in the field of victim support during the course of several European projects. As of the year 2003 during the project for elders, women and children - victims of crime, a network was created between cities (ENVIS European Network Victim Support) which over the years have also participated in European projects handling the theme of victims, their rights and opportunities of support present in Europe



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